Location Scouting in Europe and in the Caribbean

Based on topics of scripts, storyboards and intense dialogue with film-producers, production-designers, film-directors, camera-operators or event-managers, we find the most suitable location for film, television, photography, commercials and all kind of events – locations who meet all requirements, be they creative or financial.
We help to develop creative concepts for scripts and provide ideas in pre-production stages. Movie experience, practice in detailed script-reading, sound knowledge of the technical procedures involved in film, television and photographic productions, travel experience and foreign language competence (german, english, french, some spanish) are the basic facilities we offer. The omnipresent wanderlust and curiosity are the motor in finding new places or rediscovering well-tried movie-locations.

Anguilla, the Pearl of the West Indies

… and the island with the whitest beaches, the most beautiful mansions and the friendliest people, is the base and starting point for our activities in the Carribean.


anguilla architecture

Contemporary Architecture

white beach

Beach – House – Boat

Anguilla roads

Roads & Landscapes

People of Anguilla

Don’t stop the Carnival!

Austria, the Alpine Wonderland in the Heart of Europe

… is the center of our cinematic activities and an ideal starting point for ventures to most European countries.


Almhut in snow

West to East

East Tyrol

East Tyrol – Steep Heeps!


Steyr in
Upper Austria


Strudengau in
Upper Austria



We are working permanently on setting up a comprehensive photo-databank, respective to specified regions.


What the Database does not find, finds the Location Scout. We go on selective search to cope with specific demands of a script, a storyboard or an event idea.


Beside artistic or financial demands, a good location must also cope with logistic requirements. We collect all essential information about a site. (distance to the base, access roads, parking, current supply, board, toilets, permission to film? etc.)

Presentation and Location Recce:

We offer custom fit presentation via online-gallery, e-mail, photo-cd or printouts and we organize location recce.

“Everywhere I go I am never not location scouting”

Bridget Bardot and dove

from St.Tropez to Biarritz