Kinou Ebner

Kinou Ebner

Born and raised in Toulouse, southern France, I completed a business education. After the receipt of a ski instructor license, I have practiced this job for several years in the French Pyrenees and Alps.

1990, the time when the paths of an Austrian (who was supposedly lost) and myself have crossed in the Sahara Desert, I’ve already worked for several years for an import-export company in Abidjan / Ivory Coast. From this encounter we – Manfred and I – continued our journey together, also professionally.

Together we have worked on various film-productions and TV commercials. My tasks in the art-department consisted primarily in assistance work and since the birth of our daughter I especially worked in production and family coordination.

Anguilla has long been the center of our vital interests and with movie we want to obtaine film and travel experience, not only as Art department but also in location scouting and production logistics as a strengthened service and so also contribute to an ever-growing infrastructure in Anguilla and the surrounding islands.

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